Robust iterative processes are required to ensure that programmes are able to realise their original intentions and outcomes. Strategic processes are required to untangle the complexity in response to challenges. We offer a range of facilitative and analytic services. Typical products for these processes include:

• Problem definition

• Business case and Motivation

• Programme strategy and plans

• Programme implementation plans

• Evaluation

• Logical framework

Process and
System Design

Effective implementation is hampered by undefined or poorly structured processes. This is not uncommon in the inception phase of initiatives and institutions. We support clients in the following activities.

• Process mapping

• Defining critical elements

• Development of process tools,

   elements and procedures

• Implementation of new processes

• Change management


Our clients often require capacity to implement at an operational level. These services can be offered on a completely outsourced or insourced basis. We prefer to tailor our services to client’s needs and challenges. These services include:

• Project management

• Contract management

• Project management units

• Programme management units

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